Monday, June 1, 2015

This article, while mildly interesting, to me points up the need for people to HEAL THEMSELVES VIA DEEP BELLY BREATHING, TAI CHI AND QIGONG, instead of the invasive technological interventions that even the most clever western doctors can scheme up.  I would almost guarantee all the results and more, without the side effects of drugs and surgical interventions, by empowering people to heal themselves with the techniques I teach--such as belly, or diaphragm breathing.  The vagus nerve has branches that extend THROUGH the DIAPHRAGM...need I say more?  Oh, and that "mysterious" (to western medical science) way one part of the brain instantaneously effects another part of the body?  Daoist Meridian theory accounted for and has practiced its healing applications for over 2000 years!  Western bio-pharmaceutical butcher-mechanics, get over yourselves and start learning that the sages were way ahead of you--millenia ago~

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